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Friends, if you are looking for the best funny status in English, then you have come to the right place, today we have come for you some selected funny status in English.

I used selective words to say that if the number is low then it does not matter, but there is no need for any reduction in quality, you also know.

I always try to give something good to my users, what I write for you will make your post even more beautiful.

So today we are going to talk about this type of status, for you, so we have come with a bunch of some such funny status in English.

In this post we will cover these things:

1.       What is a funny status in English?

2.      How does funny status in English work?

3.      Types of funny status in English

So let’s understand them all in detail one by one.

1. What is a WhatsApp funny status in English? 🙄

There is a status that you cannot stop your laughter by reading when you put it on any social post, your funny post becomes even more fun.

By the way, they use a different status in different places. But whenever you capture some fun moments with your friends or family on camera and post it on social media, this funny status in English for WhatsApp proves to be very beneficial for you to make your post even more fun.

How does funny Status in English work? 💡

Whenever you select a funny status, choose according to the photo so that the photo and status have the same meaning. Funny status works in such a way that it makes your post funnier. And your audience can enjoy reading your post.

Friends, we are present at your service with some such funny status. Let’s start with some interesting and funny statuses.

whatsapp funny status


Funny WhatsApp Status in English🙂 

  1. Some girls ignore my status like this, Such as their own status read celebrities like Gulzar, Kamal Haasan.

  2. When you have to waste time, do the best with Facebook, why should I do it alone?

  3. What will you do with Pakistan? People like James Bond sell gutkha to us!

  4. he only wishes of the heart is to clap loudly and have its head in the middle.

  5. My heart is salty, but I swear your fish is not even one.

  6. Every time I lose some fat, and find it again in the Refrigerator…

  7. When life gives you lemons 🍋# sell them to buy wine.

  8. Please pardon my mood # I had too many grapes 🍇last night.

  9. The brain is working more. When you can use it…

  10. Roses are red, Facebook is blue, no mutual friends and who the hell are you?

Social Tips For Improvement 😎 

By improving your social post, you can increase the follower of your social profile faster.

Whenever you share a photo in your own profile, keep in mind that you must enter the fun status in English with it, it makes your post more attractive and also forces the viewers to like it.

So that’s why I wrote more posts for you, such as whenever you share a post with your partner on social site, I have given cute Instagram captions for that, then you must read it once.

  1. The crime is just that, my friend 😞… I die even on his friend 🙂

  2. The infamous has only done wine; the kidnapped Maggi has spoiled the kidneys.

  3. Respect us; otherwise, #Girlfriend will beat you.

  4. Praising her friend in front of a girl…. Equals smoking cigarettes at Petrol Pump Pump

  5. Life is short, Chat fast!

  6. Save water – Drink beer!

  7. When nothing goes right, go left…

  8. Enjoy life. It comes with an expiry date…

  9. Don’t follow your dreams, follow me.

  10. I am going on a date with my pillow, Goodnight…

whatsapp status funny

  1. I said #_ get trapped in my love… he also said # _ papers are running, get lost

  2. Girls gave me sorrows all my life, all the phone numbers were closed.

  3. Make someone your # _, or someone, if nothing happens, Dont_Worry Sleep Now.

  4. I learned to hide my pain, learned to laugh at everything, just by speaking these two lines, I learned to impress beautiful girls.

  5. If the sandal becomes small, # _ does not come in the foot; Wow! If the sandal becomes small, # _ does not come in the foot; And # _Girlfriend does not get into arms if he is fat.

  6. No matter how much we look good, wear nice clothes, but girls will like only those who have a hairstyle like a pineapple and a beard like a goat.

  7. Time is the love of time, time is the displeasure of time, sometimes you become fans, sometimes you make quilts.

  8. My mind was like a computer, hangs by doing Luv u Luv u.

  9. Here is #god, there is #god, around #god is #god, and where there is no #god, tomorrow it will be dug. – Municipality

  10. The heart is burning # I am trying luck, the heart is burning # I am trying luck, I rotated that cheater on a bike that’s why I am driving #Rickshaw today.

How to make your selfie great with status 😎 

By the way, I also like to put a funny status in English on Whatsapp, I keep a status every day – Whatsaap, Facebook or Instagram, which my followers read every day, and sometimes when I shop for myself from a site like Amazon, most of you have also like shopping.
Tell me how many of you like to shop, and most of the time we like to take a selfie while shopping, girls like it the most. Sometimes boys are also not behind in taking selfies, so selfie captions (selfie funny status in English) for your selfie are just for our selfie fan.

  1. It is a pleasure to get up in the morning to work. I don’t want to this, I’m just fine.

  2. Earlier we used to be very beautiful, then one day our Voter Card became.

  3. We have turned the way when someone comes and says this, cutting the challan ahead.

  4. When you start worrying about someone else # _ than you, then # # understand that the days of your mistreatment are about to begin.

  5. Earlier the fruit of patience was sweet, but now the fruit of patience is marrying someone.

  6. Half the life of love goes out in to block & unblock each other.

  7. Ever since you left, believe my life is set.

  8. He is my life, I am his life, everything else is his brother.

  9. Girlfriend is notoriously bad, otherwise upset then makes her best friend.

  10. This is the story of every lover nowadays, Majnu wants Laila, Laila is someone else’s addict.

funny status

  1. Time is very valuable, so do not waste own time, waste the time of others.

  2. Even if the whole world gets angry, I don’t care about it, just one of my mother’s daughters-in-law should not be angry.

  3. Hopefully! I would have been Golgappa, at least the girls would have water in their mouths, seeing me.

  4. I get stressed thinking that if my wife turns out to be like me lazy, then who will do our work?

  5. The love of some people is like governmental work, neither the file goes ahead, nor the case is closed.

  6. It is said that in love # hunger # thirst disappears, so do these loving couples go to play Garba in #_KFC and #_McDonald?

  7. Some couples also get separated because, Math, Bio, and Commerce get separated as soon as the 11th class is reached.

  8. I am at that level of love, where love can’t be even uninstall.

  9. Girls have don’t make never round chapatti but they have no match in boys go around round &round

  10. After making a girlfriend, it was found that chocolate is also available above 100 rupees.


We saw in this post how to make your funny movement funnier with funny status for Facebook:

It is up to you, your visitors to laugh at your which status from the and how you can attract visitors from your post. this way your following will also increase.

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We will keep bringing such fun and new status for your social post.
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