How to make money on Instagram in (2020)

 🙂 How to make money on Instagram:

Friends, this question will always come in your mind that how to make money and who does not want to earn money? You may have also found ways to make money, you must have heard about how to make money on Instagram,


You might be thinking to yourself: can you make money on Instagram? How do people make money on Instagram? How do sales on Instagram differ from other types of e-commerce businesses? If you are keen to know about it then you are in the right place.


Do you know that in today’s online world, Instagram is growing faster than Facebook, you might be wondering why I am saying this, the reason is that Facebook was founded in 2004 and 5 billion It took 24 years to create a consumer, but rather Instagram was founded in 2010 and it has close to 2 billion users in 10 years, now need you to think about it how much Instagram is growing fast.


For business purposes, it is very important to tell you about something if you want to earn money with Instagram.


On Instagram 500 million are active users every day. Not only this but in the last few years, 40 percent of American brands have also used Instagram to promote their businesses. 70 percent of Instagram users follow at least one business account.


Instagram posts get 75 percent more engagement with local tags. User-generated posts get a 4.5 percent higher conversion rate. It means to tell you all that after being so busy on Instagram, the chance of your business being successful is very high.

Earn money on instagram

In this article, we will tell you some such strategies, which you can use to earn money on Instagram in 2020.

🙄 Do you want to make money on Instagram?

Friends, you can definitely earn money on Instagram. As long as you see it from the business point of view and share related content, then you definitely earn money on it. Now you may be thinking: Okay, I think this is possible, but you will be thinking that how can I make money on Instagram?


Don’t worry, we uncover the mystery of how do people make money on Instagram with some success stories on Instagram in this post. We give you all the easy and simple ways to earn money online on Instagram:


😎 Become an Instagram influencer and get sponsorship:

In today’s world, online marketing has increased to a great extent, all companies want the information of their products to reach people as quickly as possible, Instagram is one such platform, where companies market their own products.


So, friends, the question is, how can you earn money from sponsorship? For this, you must also make sponsor posts, how to make them?


First of all, you need to create an Instagram account from where you will publish the post. When you create an account, you need to keep these things in mind.


  1. Choose a better name for your account.
  2. Upload a picture according to the name that relates to it.
  3. Give proper information in bio about what you are doing and what is the purpose of your channel.
  4. You can also use some emoji with it.

can u make money on instagram

Before making an Instagram account, you decide that you are good in that specific field, where you can show your skills and you can earn money by promoting their product. This can be your Hobby or Passion like – Cooking tips, Traveling advice, Yoga instruction, Photographer, Painter, etc. My advice is that whatever field you are, always choose the trending topic of that field.


To earn money from sponsorship, the most important thing is that you have to have the maximum number of followers because the brand will give you sponsorship only if you have more number of followers. If you are thinking that you should have at least 1 Million + Followers for this, then let me tell you that if you have a Niche Account, you can earn up to $ 200 Per Post with 30K Followers.



To get more and more followers, you have to share photos or videos with proper hashtags on a daily basis which will increase the engagement on your page and you will be able to connect with the followers and always keep in mind that always include informative content in your post.


This means that the more followers on the post, the more chance to get sponsorship.


To get sponsorship, given some names of companies, which you can with contact and get sponsorship.


💡 Make money on Instagram with affiliate marketing:

Affiliate Marketing is an easy way. In this, you can promote their products by engaging with any e-commerce program like – Amazon Affiliate Program and when you buy their goods by the user, you get a Fix Percentage of Commission.

earn money from instagram

  • If you want to earn money with the Amazon Affiliate Program, you can read this post through our link.


You don’t have to worry about how many followers you have in the Affiliate, but the more followers you have, the more you can earn more money in it. On the basis of an example, if you have 1000 followers and 100 of them buy the product, then the commission you earn will come directly to your account, understand this if you have more followers then you will earn more money.


There are many companies that allow you to join affiliate programs, like Flipkart, Snapdeal, eBay, Myntra, etc. If you want to know which company runs the Affiliate program, then you have writing Affiliate with the name of the company and search on Google, then you will know whether that company runs the affiliate program or not.


If you want to earn money on Instagram through Affiliate and convert every click into sales, then you need to create attractive posts that give your user the right information about the product, which will increase your consumer confidence. And if they need anything, they will come and buy it from your Instagram page.

make money on instagram

Initially, you will find it challenging but with the right policies and a little hard work, you will start getting convergence.

 💡 Sell ​​your own products in local:

If you have your own store or product manufacturer, then you can sell your own product with affiliate retailing. This is an effective way you can do the promotion of your store and also increase your sales.


For this, you have to share the photo or video of your product and write down the complete detail of that product in the caption below so that that person who wants to buy that item will contact you directly. Keep in mind that for this, it is very important to provide a contact number or contact ID in the bio of your Instagram account.

Make money

If you want to make money on Instagram with the own product, then one thing always keeps in mind that you should always target the customer in the local area, which you will get the benefit from it.for this you don’t need to create any shopping site or application. Take the photos of the product which is of good quality to the customer through a story or post.


Just you have to keep in mind that you have to need more and more local followers. As well as always be active on Instagram and try to at least publish one post daily.


💡 Sell ​​Instagram Account:

In this way, you can earn 1000 of dollars simultaneously, but there is a condition that the number of followers on your Instagram account should be very high, if you have a really large number of followers then you can earn profit by selling your account.


Now the question comes, who will buy the account? So there is nothing to worry about, I will tell you about some site which would buy your Instagram account and will pay you its appropriate amount.

earn money on instagram

Look at the site list below and read the terms and conditions of the site carefully.

  1. Socialtradia .com


😳 Sell ​​your photos on Instagram:

Can u make money on Instagram by selling photos? Yes, If you are an expert in taking professional photos, then upload it on Instagram. So, you can earn money by uploading the photo in image stocks.


You can earn per download from $ 0.7 to $ 1 through this. It depends on that image stock site.


 I suggest you upload your photo above 10 to 12 images stocks. So that you can sell your photos as much as possible. You can sell your Instagram photos above

how to earn money on instagram

Pro tip: You keep some of your images for free downloading. So, you can more and more be the branding of photos and people like your photos and start buying it.


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